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We have recently spread applications to watch channels abundantly, but there are applications that work efficiently and there are poor applications after two weeks or more are interrupted and the channels do not work with you and we at the Zaid TV blog choose the best for you, God willing

Today’s application is a new application for watching Arab and foreign channels, as well as modern films and series.

The application is Scalled lilou tv and it is an application that is characterized by the strength of its servers and its stability in operating the channels as it features a elegant interface that facilitates the browsing of its many sections and full of contents whether movies and series channels the

application contains On a large number of encrypted channels, such as BN Sport channels, with different qualities. We also find children, documentary channels, and foreign and Arab sports channels encrypted and open.

The application does not need an external player, but its player is integrated in the application for this. You do not need to install an external operator application

In the end, I hope that you like today’s application LILOU TV APK. And if you like it, do not forget to share this article with friends and friends.

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