Needs as well as fashion masks

Some wear pants shirts, some are Punjabi. Among women, sari, fatwa or t-shirt. Many are wearing the traditional dress of their country. But no matter what you read, one thing is common in today’s world. And that is the mask. No matter where you are in the world, if you need to go out, you have to wear a mask. Masks have been made mandatory by the World Health Organization. The people of the country are also wearing masks according to the rules. The details of the mask were highlighted in the market.

Needs as well as fashion masks 1
Masks are being used as fashion accessories as well as necessities Collected

Necessary mask

Corona virus masks in high demand in panic. Everyone across the country is now using masks as conscious citizens. Masks are being sold on the streets, sidewalks, in various online shops. In addition, masks are available in pharmacies and surgical stores across the country.

Usually masks come to Bangladesh from China or Japan. At present there is also a demand for cloth masks in the country.

Masks are being used as fashion accessories as well as necessities Collected

It has been seen that the price of disposable non-oven fabric mask in pharmacies is 25 rupees. Cotton mask is being sold at 120 rupees, sponge anti-dust mask is being sold at 50 rupees. N-95 (6210) mask 250 rupees, N-95 (8110S) 160 rupees, PM-2.5 mouth mask 120 rupees.

The Xiaomi brand masks being imported from China are priced at Rs 350 for AirPop Three-Sixty Degree Anti Fog Mask, Rs 450 for Smartly Filter Mask and Rs 1,650 for Xiaomi PM-2.5 Light Weight Mask.

Needs as well as fashion masks 2
Masks are being used as fashion accessories as well as necessities Collected

Tamanna Haque, proprietor of online Masquez, said the demand for masks is high in the market or on the sidewalk. Stylish and cloth masks are available in our online shop. They are comfortable to use as they are made of cotton fabric.

Fashionable masks are being sold at the fashion house Yellow. The sales manager of the company’s Gulshan branch said that most people buy masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus. There are masks of 80, 125, 145, 145, 395 and 695 rupees. Yellow Fashion House is talking to employee Hure Jannat. Masks are not only a necessity now, they are also a part of fashion. So besides protecting oneself, masks are also one of the accessories in fashion

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