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10 Best Technology Blog 2020


Given technology’s current rate of acceleration, the best tech blogs and websites have the Herculean task of traveling at the speed of a Latest processor. And while the responsibility certainly offers no shortage of perks (as in all the free gadgets one could ever ask for), it also means staying consistently ahead of the curve by not just determining trends, but even setting them on occasions. After all, is a product or device really any good if a tech publication like The Verge or Wired doesn’t say it is?

Sometimes, perhaps, but a brand will have a hard time surviving if the best technology blogs aren’t picking up what they’re throwing down. Likewise, any savvy enthusiast owes it to himself to keep pace with the industry at large by checking in daily with the Internet’s most viable sources. Here are the 10 Best TechBlogs. May they guide you well.


Since Jun 2005, TechCrunch has been one of the best technology blogs in the world, swiftly reporting on new start-ups, new developments and new products alike. In addition to its coverage–which reaches more than 12 million unique visitors a month–the site hosts major global events like the Disrupt series and The Crunchies awards. As if that wasn’t enough, TechCrunch also established Crunchbase, an open database and statistical resource for investors and speculators alike. In other words, you’re arguably not truly connected if you’re not in some way part of the TechCrunch ecosystem.

Official site -techcrunch.com

Since – Jun 2006


For those who want to broaden their skyline beyond the tech sphere, look no further than Mashable. While savvy enough to run on its own proprietary technology, the site nevertheless makes a concerted effort not to pigeon-hole itself into a technology-heavy corner. That makes the platform a terrific destination for those who want to catch up on pretty much everything, meaning politics, movies, finance, travels, and, of course, gadgetry. Also featured are a number of niche articles and perspectives that all you won’t find elsewhere. Suffice to say, Mashable is quite simply an ideal way to kill a few hours online.

Official Site –mashable.com

Since – July 2002


We come from the future Gizmodo declares, providing more enough content to back up its claim. The mega-popular technology blog and news site keeps its fingers on the pulse of the world and updates its readers accordingly. Worth noting is that, like most technology blogs, Gizmodo touts a progressive edge. In others words, those hoping to avoid politics might best take their reading elsewhere. Everyone else, however, is more than welcome to visit and engage.

Official Site –Gizmodo.com

Since – July 2002


Since January 2004, Engadget has got bigger from a humble tech blog into a leading global news organization with millions of readers and a broad, seasoned staff. Come here for the latest news and reviews in gaming, entertainment, and technology, and leave both informed and satisfied. You can also use the site to dig into the archives of some of the best, early tech publications like Joystiq and TUAW. Of course, if you’d rather keep your focus squarely on the future, Engadget is more than happy to oblige

Official Site –Engadget.com

Since – January 2004



Official Site –Readwrite.com

Since – April 2001


Official Site –Lifehacker.com

Since – September 2004


Official Site –Slashdot.org

Since – October 1997


Official Site –Blog.codinghorror.com

Since – January 2004


Official Site –BoingBoing.net

Since – May 1998


Official Site –Scripting.com

Since – March 1995

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