Generator IPTV (Aumale TV)

On this page you will find one of the best iptv generators through which you will get a server for 24 hours.

One of the advantages of the generator is that you can install and renew the server after 24 hours.

The server includes the world’s most powerful TV packages.

How to get your Server :

Step 1 :

Click on “Get Your Free User”

Aumale 1024X443

Step 2 :

Choose any Username and password :

Aumale 1024X524

Step 3 :

Click on get user and After that, you will go to the link shortening site

Aumale 1024X523
Aumale 1024X522

Step 4 :

Then you will get your server that can download it in one of the extensions shown in the image below

Aumale 300X75

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