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Chimera TV APK [Latest] 2020 A ndroid

Download latest version Chimera TV APP APK Mirror Direct Link updated on 2020 for free.

About Chimera TV APK : Chimera Tv is a free android application that allows you to watch Iptv programs with different sessions regarding multimedia.

Application with different categories: live TV, sports, movies, music, vpn and many others.

Downloaded the app that you will find at the bottom of the post, you will find a home with the main events but if you are not interested click on the menu on the left.

We can choose: live TV, sports, movies, music and other sessions, but the one we are most interested in is “live TV”.

So we choose “live TV” and select “Europa TV” from the various continents.

At this point we will find several channels but a little few, click on “Italy premium” (I recommend you use the Wuffy player ), all the Italian free-to-air channels and free Pay TV will open.

Features of Chimera TV APP :

Keywords of Chimera TV APP :

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Chimera TV APK Latest 2020 Android

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