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Exousia 2.8. APK [Latest] 2020

exousia TV APK Best Free Application for Android AND ANDROID TVBOX LIVE TV New to watch all encrypted and open Arab and foreign channels and Arab and foreign films and Turkish foreign and Arab series operates without activation code

And we offer you the latest Al-Kharafi update for the Exousia 2.8.apk app to watch all encrypted and open Arabic and foreign channels for free

Exousia 2.8.apk application features to activate thousands of encrypted and open Arabic and foreign channels for free

The application is one of the best applications through which you can watch all channels without cutting

The application contains many different classifications that suit all individuals

The classification of all channels at the beginning, which contains all encrypted and open channels.

MB MBC classification that contains all MBC network channels, knowing that all channels in this classification are in encoded HD quality.

  • A package for all Syria channels
  • Arabic and foreign songs channels package
  • Lebanon Channels Package
  • Rotana channel package in HD quality
  • Sports classification that contains all sports channels with high quality and poor quality to suit all speeds
  • OS OSN classification containing all popular encrypted OSN network channels
  • Be Bein classification that contains all of the sports channels that are not sports
  • All channels of the United Arab Emirates.
  • All Arab and foreign news channels
  • Islamic channels open and encrypted
  • Classification of Arab and foreign children’s
  • Channels of the State of Iraq, Algeria and Egypt.
  • Classification of the rest of the unclassified Nileasat channels.
  • Indian, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch channels and many channels
  • The latest foreign and Arabic films and series
  • The application is completely free and does not contain any ads

What are IPTV channels within Exousia APK?

Exousia Live TV is divided into country languages, to facilitate watching the right live TV channels

The new version 2.8 may not be easy to access to let you know which channel you can stream, so it might be better to do a search in the search bar above the apk file from the home page

  • Bangladesh
  • United kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Afghanistan
  • Arabic
  • Punjab
  • Religious
  • Children
  • wild animals
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • France<i
  • Indonesia
  • Moritz
  • Sri Lanka
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • Italia
  • Turkish language
  • Holland
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Kurdish
  • Albania
Exousia 2.8. APKlatest
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